Bienvenida - Benvinguda

El Club Palindromista Internacional inicia en 2010 una nueva etapa con renovada ilusión y entusiasmo.
Bienvenid@s seáis, compositores, lectores y amantes de los palíndromos.

El Club Palindromista Internacional inicia el 2010 una etapa nova amb il·lusió renovada i entusiasme.
Sigueu benvinguts, compositors, palindromaires, lectors i amants dels palíndroms.

"¡Safari jamás! Oíd: Dios ama jirafas"

Carlos Nafarrate

jueves, 19 de febrero de 2015

La balada del palíndrom/o

Divertida cançó, La balada del palíndrom. El diàleg després de la cançó, amb totes les respostes palindròmiques, val la pena.

Divertida canción, La balada del palíndromo. El diálogo después de la canción, con todas las respuestas palindrómicas, no tiene desperdicio.

The Ballad of Palindrome
Riders In The Sky
Album: A Great Big Western Howdy

And now some words about a show coming on the CBC television network
There are campfire legends that the plains men spin
Of a man who was nothing like Palidin
Couldn't ride couldn't shoot but he won his fame
Cause everything he said said backwards was the same
Palindrome Palindrome what's in a name
Palindrome Palindrome backwards the same

Yes, Palindrome, no one knew where he came from and nobody cared
He rode into town one day from out of the west armed not with six guns a long rifel a whip an knife a chain saw or some other exicitic wepon, No his only means of self defence was his snappy little straw hat and his uncanny ability to speak only in sentences which when spelled backwards are exactly the same as when they were spelled forward. Here's a scene from a fourthcoming episode of Palindrome.

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